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Public and Private schools from Preschool to University extensions and new developments


Water, Drainage & Flood Risk Management  for Residential, Commercial, Education, Community & Faith


Public and Private schools from Preschool to University extensions and new developments including sports provisions and parking. 

Utilising SuDS features within the Landscape design to increase the habitat and biodiversity which can be incorporated into the educational environment.

We can carry out a pre-development assessment to highlight risks and opportunities. We can provide Planning Application Flood Risk Assessments, Drainage Strategies, SuDS design and modelling to satisfy Planning and Building Control.

Oxford City Farm

Oxford City Farm

Flood Risk Assessment

Assessment to enable a charity to use a site located in flood zone 3 as a city farm for local children. ‘Oxford City Farm is hugely grateful to Graham who has supported the Farm project from its very beginnings, providing expert advice and the technical flood risk assessments for several schemes’ OCF

Bilton Grange
Bilton Grange

Bilton Grange Boarding House

A state-of-the-art boarding house for Bilton Grange Preparatory School in Dunchurch, Warwickshire. The building will provide accommodation for 80 pupils and 4 families, along with a new social hub, dining space and catering kitchen.


Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy prepared for planning and detailed design of foul and surface water drainage. The drainage system includes new large swales to attenuate the flow of surface water and improve water quality.


Foul water drainage includes gravity and pumped system with discharge into the Severn Trent public sewer system.

Images courtesy of TSH Architects

Wellington College 6th Form Centre

New 6th form building, SuDS drainage design including rain gardens to reduce water consumption, porous paving and below-ground storage systems utilising existing soakaways for final discharge into the ground.

Wellington College, Wellbeing Centre

New wellbeing centre utilising raingarden planters for the roof drainage to reduce the below-ground storage volumes required to meet the LLFA requirements and improve the biodiversity and water quality of the discharge of site.

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