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Graham Taylor Civil Engineer

We have experience from concept design, pre planning assessments including Flood Risk Assessments, Drainage Strategies, discharging planning conditions, through to detailed design and modelling of drainage systems including SuDS features using industry standard surface water design software. Consultation with Lead Local Flood Authorities, Water Authorities and the Environment Agency to ensure the design is compliant with current regulations and planning requirements.

Graham is a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers with over 20 years experience in flood risk, drainage design, road design and civil engineering, and has a passion for sustainable solutions to drainage and water issues.

Taylor Consulting Engineers have experience in working with Private Clients, Contractors, Architects, Project Managers, Landscape Architects and Planning Consultants to help develop brownfield and greenfield sites, new and existing buildings in a sustainable and cost effective way whilst meeting the requirements of the Lead Local Flood Authority, Environment Agency and Local Water Companies.

We can also provide foul water drainage design including treatment plants, pumping stations and connections/ diversions/ build over agreements to public sewer infrastructure.

We can also assist with highway design and specifications.

Taylor Consulting Engineers use renewable energy to run their office and where possible will carry out site visits using sustainable transport to help reduce the carbon footprint of your development.

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